About Me


I’m on a mission to help you bring your individual style to life.

Hi, I’m Verity Jayne Zegarac and I am a kitchen designer from South Australia.  I work with renovation warriors, dream home makers, designers-to-be, lifestyle queens, and lovers of beautiful things.  Helping them to hone their intuition, guiding them to find their style.  I make their ideas more cohesive and design beautiful kitchens that they'll enjoy living in.



When I’m not designing and blogging at home, I work as a colour and product specialist for Laminex.  In the showroom I mostly consult with people that are building or renovating and help them make selections for their joinery.  I advise on colour, texture, product, style and design.

I’ve spent the last 15 years talking to people about their homes and listening to their stories. I know what their greatest concerns are and how they can overcome them. Ultimately it’s that feeling of comfort at home that everyone strives for.  Also it needs to function really well.  I’ve given advice to so many people that I almost have a 6th sense for detecting what’s going to work for them and what they’ll absolutely love.

Why I’m here

I really enjoy spending time at home, yeah I’m a homebody.  I’ve done my fair share of travel and now I live in the beautiful Barossa Valley, which is wine country. Who doesn’t love a good glass of red?  I have two “fur kids” that I can’t imagine living without.  Turbo and Tiger, the Whippets.  Oh and a charming yet slightly crazy husband who’s a wonderful support to me.  So I thought, how can I spend more time at home doing the things I love?  I still need to make some money, it’s a fact of life.  Obviously I need to reach out to more people via the interwebs and grow my design business online.

I’m not a natural born salesperson.  Every success I’ve had, started with my eagerness to help people and my passion for good design.  So I’ve started a blog.  I would like to share some of the stories and things that I’ve learnt along the way.  This is my first try at blogging, so I’m a little nervous and unsure if I’m doing it right ...LOL.  My knowledge and experience is in design, rather than writing.  Nevertheless, I hope this will end up being a treasure trove of information and inspiration for you and many others.

If you have any questions, or are interested in learning about my kitchen design service, let me know.