Ask Verity to solve your design dilemma

Ask Verity to solve your design dilemma

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Do you feel like you need a second opinion from someone who isn’t a family member or who isn’t trying to sell you something?

Do you need some interior design advice but don’t want to hire an interior designer to do the whole thing? You just need a bit of a leg up to get over a hurdle so you can be on your way.

Why don’t you Ask Verity!

“Ask Verity” is a virtual interior design consultation, all done via email.

This is how it works:

  1. Ask a question, or as many as you like in an email. Attaching images if possible.

  2. I may respond with a question or two if I feel anything needs clarifying. My clients often tell me I’m a mind reader… but my superhero abilities only work if it’s a full moon on Tuesdays 😉 So I still might need you to explain something to make sure we’re on the same page.

  3. When I receive everything I need I will reply with my answers. It will be a very thorough email, with images if necessary to illustrate my point. I will spend 30 minutes on the work.

Remember, a timely professional opinion can save you from making mistakes and spending lots of money trying to fix them.

And finally you can feel more confident about the success of your project because you’ll have a fresh pair of eyes on it and a good sounding board.

This sale is for a limited number of customers only


You’ll be surprised what I can do in only 30 minutes

Here’s a small sample of the type of things I can help you with:

  • Quick concepts and style recommendations

  • Colour and materials selections

  • Ideas to improve your new or existing design

  • Space planning

  • Drafting simple layout plans, to scale

  • Storage solutions

  • Cabinet designs

  • Sourcing products (Australia based resources)

  • Handles and hardware selections

For those that have the Cassatt Vanity drawings, I can alter it to suit their own requirements.

Most people ask me to do in-depth technical drawings of their designs and create 3D presentations. However that takes much longer than half an hour and it’s a different service that I offer.

I wanted to create a faster service with a broader scope. So, anything goes and everything is encouraged in “Ask Verity”, as long as it fits into a 30 minute time-frame.


100% Money-Back Guarantee

I’m so confident that you’ll get great value out of this service that I’m putting this out there… I will give you a full refund, that’s right, I will give you back your money if I can’t provide a solution to your interior design dilemma.

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